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gestión del coste y del tiempo

Para profesionales que redactan proyectos, directores de ejecución de obras y project managers, empresas constructoras y promotoras.
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Technical notes

Excel problems in construction cost management In Spain and other countries around us, where all estimates for construction are realised with Presto or other cost estimate software, it is unthinkable to use Excel for these tasks.
However, it is still widespread practice in other parts of the world.

Enero 2022

International construction price databases Spanish professionals are accustomed to building their estimates by combining information from the many available public or private construction price data tables. But this situation is not common in other countries.

Enero 2022

Presto in the international environment Presto is used in many countries and cultural settings, for which it has many specific resources. This document describes the use and its adaptation in different environments and languages:
• Content of the different locations
• Languages supported in the interface and in the reports
• Translation into other languages

Diciembre 2021

Cost estimate in the UK's cultural environment Cost management in the cultural environment of the United Kingdom, which includes the Commonwealth and Middle East countries, and to some extent the United States, has a historical origin.
The traditional way of executing the works, of which El Escorial is a good example, was by administration. The materials and wages provided were controlled daily and paid to the different subcontractors or suppliers, without a prior estimate of the works.

Junio 2021

Estimate alternatives or variants This document describes different ways to handle in Presto more than one option for an estimate, as variants or alternative proposals. The origin of the differences may be prices, work units, quantities or combinations.
The system for assigning different prices to work units in order to compare biddings or to manage prices composed in different currencies is covered in specific documents.

Marzo 2021


Presto: Cost management software for construction The first BIM oriented software for estimating that integrates management and cost control for construction and civil works. It covers every stakeholder's necessities in all contruction stages

Cost-It: From Revit to Presto and from Presto to Revit Brief presentation about what you can do with Cost-It, Revit plugin for Presto

Cost-It: 5D BIM with Presto Cost-It, the Revit plugin for Presto, generates the bill of quantities and the priced estimate from the information contained in the BIM model, with all the data and specifications required to assign unit prices, prepare tender documents and check the project without delivering the model itself

DWG Quantity Take-Off What does Presto's Reading DWG drawings module do

Setup guides & Manuals

Presto Setup Guide Instructions on how to install your Presto license

Presto Manual Access the latest Presto Manual in English

Excel2Presto Manual Convert any Excel sheet in a Presto

Cost-It Manual Revit plugin for Presto